Welcome to Rediscovering My Style!

Hello! My name is Janet, I am 50, married and I have a beautiful 19-year-old daughter.

Rediscovering My Style is my journey of rediscovering all the things I loved as a teenager, mainly beauty and fashion. These passions slid aside over the years for other important things in life; from building a family, building a home, and then to being a full time Mum to my daughter. Through her growing up to be a young adult and seeing her passion for beauty and fashion I find my own excitement being reignited.

I am extremely excited about this new journey – I don’t want to be 50 and frumpy! 50 and fab sounds so much better – style is ageless!

This is my little bit of space on the internet to share my journey with you! I hope you will come along and share it with me!