How I Changed Up My Boot Game

Today I am talking about boots – this is an absolute rediscovery moment for me. I have always really loved boots – however, for the past few decades (wow, I am feeling old right now!) every winter I have worn a black pair of boots to death, then the following winter replaced them with another pair of black boots, and again worn them out, each year the same! I have worn only black boots every single year, but this year I have changed up my boot game!

As a teenager I was absolutely crazy for boots, I had so many pairs in all different colours and textures. My daughter (softoctobernight) has definitely followed in my footsteps (no pun intended!) as she loves boots too, and seeing her love of boots, of all varieties, has definitely sparked my interest and made me think – boots don’t always have to be black. Don’t get me wrong, a girl can never have too many pairs of black boots, as they are a wardrobe staple! I have three pairs of black boots and still look at other black pairs. What I am loving is variety, not just always reaching for a black pair of boots, but having some choices.

This year I have bought two different pairs of boots to add to my slowly growing boot collection. My favourite of the two is this pink pair of suede boots, with faux pearl detailing, from AliExpress. AliExpress have some beautiful boots, so different from what you would find in a bricks and mortar store – it is so refreshing to see different choices. I was concerned at first about buying boots online but so far I have had no problems, sizing hasn’t been an issue, I just order my regular size. I have been impressed with the quality from AliExpress and I definitely have more boots from them on my wishlist. My advice when using AliExpress is to do your homework, check the store’s feedback, then check the feedback of the item you are interested in. One word of warning though, sometimes the boots from AliExpress have a bad smell, but with a good airing and spray of febreeze, the smell soon disappears.

These boots in pink have sold out but similar here and here.

This is the second pair of boots I bought online, a beautiful suede studded burgundy pair from Boohoo. One thing I like about them is that they are very Valentino inspired! I am seriously a plain dresser, so the studded detailing brings a little “extra” to the boots and makes me feel a lot better about what I am wearing. I always use a protective spray on my suede boots, just in case I do get caught out in the rain, which has happened, so it’s less stressful knowing they are protected.

These are the boots that reignited my passion for non black boots, read my daughters posts about these gorgeous boots here and here. I love metallic boots, they are just so eye-catching! Right now I am on the hunt for a metallic silver pair.

Another pair I love are these Chloe Susanna inspired boots, they are so beautiful, I am definitely eyeing off this pair – perhaps in burgundy. I love the intricate detailing, they certainly make a statement! I am definitely attracted to the lower heel – I prefer lower block heels, so these seem perfect!

Here is a selection of boots to hopefully inspire you to think – not all boots need to be black!

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