Scarves – Add An Extra Touch!

I have never really been a scarf person. In the past, I have generally only worn them in Winter to keep warm, but lately I have really been enjoying wearing scarves to bring a little extra touch to my outfits. My Mum was a scarf lover – she had so many scarves and she wore them so elegantly – so I think that is why I have been drawn to wearing them now. I am such a plain dresser (like seriously really plain), so wearing a scarf that has a pattern or colour that I would not usually wear, makes me feel like I am elevating my outfit, at least slightly.

Scarves in Winter

I have been wearing a lot of chunky knits this Winter and styling them with a scarf has been an easy way to dress up my whole look, just to give it an extra touch. I feel like my whole outfit is less plain when I wear a beautiful scarf. Since I am a plain dresser, most of the time patterns are a bit too much for my tastes. However, since a scarf is only a small accessory, I find them great to add a bit of pattern or contrasting colour to an otherwise plain outfit. I have found some beautiful scarves on Aliexpress, and they are extremely affordable.

Scarves in Summer

Scarves are not only for the Winter or the cooler months of the year. A light silk scarf can also be worn on Summer days when it isn’t too hot, or on a cooler Summer evening out (to wrap around your shoulders). When wearing a monochrome outfit, a beautiful pattern or coloured scarf will add a pop of colour to your outfit.  A beautiful flower scarf or a bright summer coloured scarf can add to that summertime vibe.

Designer Scarves

My daughter (softoctobernight) kindly let me borrow her Gucci scarf for the day. This scarf is beautiful, soft, and so well made – definitely worth the investment, as it would be a forever item. I love Burberry scarves too, the check print is so classic!

Other ways to incorporate scarves into your outfit is by tying them around the handle of your handbag, or wearing them in your hair around a ponytail. I love the ponytail look, especially for when you are having a bad hair day! Scarves are such a great fashion accessory to keep yourself warm on a cold Winter’s day.

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