Want Some Extra Cash? Try Market Research Surveys!

There’s a chance you have heard of market research surveys, as they are a great way to earn a little bit of extra cash – and who doesn’t like to have a little bit of spare cash! The extra money earned can either go towards your households running expenses or to save up for an item that you have been lusting over – enter my beautiful cardholder from Chanel! Both my husband and I participate in surveys, and normally the extra money goes into the household expenses, but this year we have spent the money on ourselves. As well as earning a little extra cash, surveys are a great way to get your opinions across to businesses. Companies are prepared to pay for your opinions!


About Surveys

I used to participate in many online surveys with different market research companies, but now I only participate in survey companies that offer a reward if you do not qualify for that particular survey (e.g. because you might not meet the required demographic requirements). It can be really frustrating to fill out quite a lot in a survey only to be told you have been screened out. There are no right or wrong answers when completing online surveys, just your honest opinions. Surveys vary in topic and in length, from 5 minutes to 30 minutes, (the normal I find is 10-20 minutes). Market research companies also offer products to test at home (I have received quite a few products) and the chance to participate in focus groups, which pay you a lot more for your time, as they last around 1 to 2 hours (I have not participated in these, but my husband has).

Survey Companies I Recommend

My Opinions

This is my number one survey company! This company uses a points system, with 2000 points equivalent to $20 AUD. If you don’t qualify for a survey you will receive 20 points, which helps your points add up pretty quickly.  My Opinions pay you directly with PayPal (my preferred option), or they also have a range of electronic gift cards that can be spent at various retailers. I receive a lot of survey invitations via email from My Opinions, plus you can log in anytime to check if there are surveys available.


This is a great survey company! They pay you 10 cents for non-qualifying surveys (10 cents doesn’t sound like much but it definitely builds up quickly – and most surveys I do qualify for). Pureprofile pay you either directly into your bank account (which I prefer) or they have a range of gift cards for you to choose from. As well as receiving survey invitations via email, you can log into your account and there will be surveys waiting for you to complete.

My View

This company also uses a points system, and again if you don’t qualify for a survey they award you 5 points. My View offer gift cards as their payment, either electronic gift cards or traditional plastic gift cards (electronic gift cards require fewer points).

Your Opinions

This company pays 20 cents for non-qualifying surveys, which is great, but I don’t get a lot of survey invitations from them. Your Opinions reward you with money straight into your PayPal account or electronic gift cards and traditional plastic gift cards.



Points To Remember

One thing to remember is that you won’t get rich participating in online surveys –  but depending on how much time you put towards them, they can definitely provided some extra money. Once you join a market research company, the first thing to do is fill out your profile. This can be boring, but it gives a clear picture to the market research company of who you are, and this gives you more chances to receive survey invitations. I always cash out as soon as I hit the minimum payout threshold, as you never know if a company may go out of business (plus who doesn’t want money sooner!).

If you know of any other great survey companies comment below, I would love to know!

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