Let’s Talk About Lip Care

Today, I am talking all about lip care. I have never really suffered from dry lips all that much in the past, but I have always had a chapstick in my makeup bag. More often than not, it expired before I had finished it. This past winter (in the Southern Hemisphere) though, I have really experienced what it feels like to have dry, chapped lips. So today I want to share with you what I have been using for my lip care to combat dry, chapped lips.

 Let’s Talk Lip Scrubs

I didn’t even know lip scrubs existed until my daughter softoctobernight bought one from Lush and recommended I try it out. There are many lip scrubs available on the market, and you can also DIY a lip scrub using honey and sugar. Before buying a lip scrub, my daughter did exactly that – however it wasn’t really a great success, as it didn’t keep for very long, so she decided to buy one instead. After a quick google search, she opted for the Lush lip scrub, with the price point ($9.95 AUD) and great reviews swaying her decision.

What Do Lip Scrubs Do?

Just like scrubs for our face and body, lip scrubs gently exfoliate dead skin from our lips, making them feel soft again. Our lips, just like our skin, have a lipid layer, and when our lips get dry and chapped that lipid layer becomes unbalanced. The lipid layer locks moisture into our skin, so it is important to keep the layer balanced.

Lush Lip Scrub

I am so happy with the results from this lip scrub – but one bit of advice, don’t rub too hard as your lips will sting for hours afterward (yes I did this!), just lightly rub. I use my scrub at the moment a few times per week. Lush lip scrubs come in several flavours – I chose Bubblegum, there is also Chocolate, Honey and Mint Julips. Lush pride themselves as having handmade and 100% vegetarian, cruelty-free, and naked packaging (this means no unnecessary packaging) products. The ingredients in this scrub are castor sugar and organic jojoba oil. As an added bonus, you can just lick this scrub off your lips – or just wipe off with a tissue. If you choose another brand of lip scrub make sure to check the directions, as some lip scrubs may contain chemicals that you do not want to ingest.

Lip Balm

After using a lip scrub, it is important to finish off with a lip balm (I use Babylips by Maybelline). As with lip scrubs, there are so many lip balms on the market to choose from, so it will be a personal preference for what you like. My daughter loves Mario Badescu Lip Wax, however, I find this balm slightly too heavy for me. She also likes Clinique’s Pep Start pout perfecting balm, but I not a fan of the smell of them. So for me, Maybelline Babylips is perfect!

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