Why Serums Should Be A Skincare Staple

Today I am talking about facial serums and why I think they should be a staple in your skincare routine. Up until last year, I had never used a serum before. I thought serums were just an opportunity for the skincare industry to make more money from us, but I was wrong – so wrong! After walking past a mirror I rarely look in, by my front door with plenty of natural light hitting it (wow natural light can be so unforgiving!), I was mortified when I saw quite a large, deep wrinkle on the top of my cheekbone. I know wrinkles are part of life, and at 50 I do have wrinkles and fine lines, but my first thought was “I have to up my skincare game” – enter serums into my life!

I had seen serums in the shops before but just dismissed them until now. I asked a friend if she used serums – she did, and she was happy with the results, so I went on the hunt! I decided to try Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Youth Pre-Essence, as it was the same brand as the day and night cream I was using. To be honest, after the first empty bottle I didn’t really see much of a difference, so I didn’t replace it. I kept checking this wrinkle on my cheekbone over the next few months and decided to try it again, as I thought it was getting worse. This time I persevered – after a few bottles of serum I did see results, while the wrinkle has not gone completely I can see quite a visible improvement, at least 70%, so I will take that! I will not stop using serums now – I am converted!

I love mixing my skincare brands up – I will use a different brand of serum each time I finish a bottle. The same goes for my eye cream, day moisturizer, and night cream, as I don’t want my skin to become too familiar with the same creams all the time. I think this approach works really well, and I can see improvements in my skin each time I start a new brand. Some serums I have tried and loved are:

These are my current serums I have on repeat – I love, and highly recommend, them all. When it comes to serums, I have never tried a high-end brand, only a few samples of Kate Sommerville Wrinkle Warrior, which seemed really good.

I really wish I had used serums many years ago, as I think my lines would not be as bad. My daughter (softoctobernight) has started using serums, she is currently using Mario Badescu Vitamin C serum – I think I will give that one a go next! I think in years to come my daughter will be very thankful for using serums at such a young age.


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